Short answers to the main questions ;-)

Questions on sponsoring

Can we include sponsors in our sticker magazine?

Yes, of course :-) Through involving sponsors you can increase your winnings. You can sell advertisement space to your sponsors and to have an even higher marketing effect you can have sponsor stickers (singles, doubles, quads, …). Also one sponsor can be placed on all the fronts of the sticker packs.

Can we only include our current club sponsors?

The great thing about sticker marketing is that it is a brand new platform and it will motivate new and old sponsors. Sticker marketing is new and current and gets a higher marketing effect than the already established marketing.

Are the prices for the sponsors fixed?

No ;-) You alone decide on prices and format sizes. Different formats, sponsors on stickers or sponsors printed -> everything is possible :-) At the same time we will provide you with a form that suggests formats, so your sponsors and you have it easier to imagine the ad space.

Questions on financing your sticker project

Is the money-back-guarentee really for the whole starter set?

Yes, the only requirement is that the sales are tried with our recommended sale prices, that we have already tested in over 235 projects.

Is it wise to give away the sticker magazines to all the club members?

No, according to our experience this would not help the sticker sales and youre income will be less.

Does the sticker amount have to be set ahead?

No! The sticker amount automatically is calculated depending on your content in your magazine.

Does the project need to be financed ahead?

No, our payment terms are tuned in a way that you only have to pay your deposit at the start. We then deliver everything ready to go to your front door, so that you can pay the rest of the delivery in two steps and finance these payments through your sales. At the same time you create some great income for your club that can be used for new training equipment, jerseys, ... really for whatever your club needs at the time.

Do I have to finance the project price?

No, the way we have designed the Payment terms allows for you to take the payment from your sponsors way before the delivery of your whole package.

Questions regarding sales

Are we only allowed to sell the sticker magazine in our club?

No, you can choose where you want to sell freely. It does always help to sell the magazines at your sponsors/partners businesses, which also helps the coherence.

Should the sticker magazine always be available?

Yes, of course. Magazines and stickers should always be available in the club. All the products can also be given to the trainers for selling.

How can I push the sales?

We will give you a short brochure with a lot of ideas that will help you organize ;-) We can also fashion all kinds of marketing aides and organize them for you.

Can you organize marketing materials for us?

We will design a poster of your front page as a pdf for you to print yourselves and we will provide you with a video for facebook etc. If you should need more marketng materials --> no problem, we can do anything you can dream of ;-)

Questions about the photoshoot

Is the photoshoot included in the project price?

Yes, professional photographers will come to your club for the photoshoot.

How long do you need to photograph each team?

On the day of the photoshoot teams should be ready to go every 15 minutes, preferably all teams on one day. In between players, board members, etc. can be photographed in between. The 15 minutes should be adhered to, because otherwise the waiting times for the photographer will get too long and experience shows that there will be enough time left when everything is calculated with the 15 minute bracket

Can individual players or team photos be sent in later?

Of course, no problem. We will provide you with some tips, so the photos you are taking will have good results too.

Questions on how to organize it all

How much time will it consume?

With our "step-by step"-guide we lead you through the project. Our experience of over 235 projects will guarantee minimal effort for you.

What do we have to take care of?

You have to let everyone who needs to be in your magazine know, when they have to be there for the photoshoot. You will need to make lists of all the player by teams, agree on the other content and send it to us and you need to control the finished product and give us the go ahead when you are happy with everything.

Which parts does froggx take care of?

With us you get everything from one partner, We photograph, create, print and package for you ;-) You will take delivery of a fully serviced product for sale.

Questions on design

Can we freely decide on what other content to put in the magazine?

Yes, it is your clubs individual sticker magazine ;-) We create it from your clubs wishes.

Will the magazine reflect our clubs colours?

Yes, of course, the design will reflect your clubs colours.

Can I find a layout for our club?

Yes, of course. There are 8 Layouts for the magazine and 12 Variations for the stickers, we think that there's something for everbody ;-)

Is it possible to put the team photos into stickers?

Depending on the magazine layout the team photo can be produced as a double or quad sticker.

How will the team sticker or action sticker be found?

When it comes to the team sticker all informations (apart from the photo) will be printed on the magazine and that's how the sticker place can be found easily. Action stickers are printed with 50 % colour which makes it easy to find them. We want to help your team building, which is why we don't go by numbers. People won't search for numbers, but Peter from team U9 ;-)

Will we get a draft so we can check it before printing?

Of course ;-) We will deliver a draft as a pdf, so you can let us know any modificatons. 3 revisions are included in your froggx project.

"Sticker magazines are an absolute must have for every club. It was not only the junior footballers who were enthusiastic about the start, but also the players, officials, co-workers, parents and non-members of the club. At this point, we would like to thank the froggx - team, who were always available to us during the preparation / production as well as the aftercare and almost every day & night. Already we have inquiries, whether this great action will be repeated. The football club "Zeltweg" will surely have more sticker magazines from froggx at regular intervals." Robert Tafeit (FC Zeltweg: Press / Web) See for yourself ;-)




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